We are living in an age where technology rules pretty much everything in our lives. Through technology we decide what and where to eat, what to wear, where to shop for those clothes, which people to hang out with. Especially the newest generations are immersed in technology, and it’s our job as academics, to make profit from this and to teach students how to make technology useful for learning as well as for just shopping or connecting with friends.

There are several ways in which technology can be useful for language learning. Today I want to focus on blogs. I’m a teacher of German as a foreign language, and I think using blogs to practice reading is great. Kids and teens read blogs all day anyways, so telling them to search for blogs in German is going to make things more interesting for them. They can look up blogs on their favorite subjects and learn some new vocabulary of the things they like the most. “What if I’m teaching beginners?” you might ask… Well, it’s nothing to worry about, blogs are still a great resource to practice reading and to enhance new vocabulary learning. You can tell them to find three new words from a blog each week, and study them. You can use these words for in-class activities or quizzes, even if they’re more advanced than what they are doing right now, new nouns, verbs or adjectives are never too much!

I think building vocabulary is one of the most important- yet most difficult, parts of language teaching and/or learning. And using technology: blogs in this case, is an amazing way to keep your students motivated and always learning.

Here you can find a list of the best blogs in German, sorted y subject:

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